1. The Secrets of Coffee:

This course will allow you to penetrate into the fascinating world of coffee, from the plant species to the perfect coffee cup. You will discover all the steps to deliver a real Italian espresso. This course includes: 


  • What is an espresso?
  • Coffee history
  • The 5 M’s of the espresso
    • Miscela (Mix)
    • Maccinatore (Grinder; grinding, dosing)
    • Macchina (Machine; operating espresso machine)
    • Mano (Barista’s hand; tamping, extraction)
    • Manutenzione (Equipment cleaning & maintenance)


  • Grinding
  • Dosing
  • Operating espresso machine
  • Tamping
  • Extracting a perfect espresso
  • Diagnosis of espresso,
  • Milk texturing
  • Preparing and serving the principal Italian beverages.

You will receive expert advises and knowledgeable techniques. 

Students will receive “All the secrets about coffee” certificate awarded by Siprocaf.

A complete coffee manual is provided.

Duration: 5 hours  

2. L'arte Nel Latte

Practical hands-on and theoretical course. You will learn:


  • coffee art techniques
  • perfecting silky milk
  • mixing crema and silky milk
  • layering on coffee and chocolate
  • creating your own masterpieces.

We will show you how you can become a real coffee artist.
Students will receive a “L'Arte Nel Latte” certificate awarded by Siprocaf.

Duration: 4 hours

Pre-requisite: Students must have completed course 1.


3. Barista, behavior & service methods:

This course is specially designed to show you the ideal behaviors and skills needed in this industry to understand, to impress and to increase the loyalty of your customers. You will learn:

  • how to organize and prepare work areas
  • how to provide customer service
  • how to advise customers in the coffee menu
  • how to present yourself as a barista.

Students will receive a "Barista, behavior & service methods” certificate awarded by Siprocaf.

Duration: 3 hours      

Pre-requisite: Students must have completed courses 1 & 2. 

4. Professional Espresso Barista Title

After succeeding the above 3 courses, students have the possibility to obtain the "Professional Espresso Barista Title". It will be required to pass a 30 min. practical exam.


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12 March
Le café et tous ses secrets














19 March
L'arte Nel Latte









26 March
Barista, méthodes de service et comportement



26 March
Titre d’ espresso barista professionnel