Nicola Minale

Nicola Minale has vast experience and knowledge in the coffee field; working for the most famous cafés in Rimini, Roma, Napoli and in his own town Cassino since 1982

In 2003. Nicola decided to move to Montreal, where he dedicated years to coffee roasting and gaining an in depth understanding in the caffeteria field.   

After more than 25 years of experience, Nicola traveled to Italy to obtain his "Maestro Del Caffè" (Master of Coffee) Title and certificate from Accademia Italiana Maestri del Caffè (AICAF), based in Calcinato. He also obtained 3 other certificates in “Caffeteria Secrets”, Latté art and Chocolate art and “Marketing and new trends” as well as a certification as "Teacher/Trainer" from the Professional Coffee Academy by Altoga based in Milan. 

Nicola, having a strong passion for coffee, decided to pass down the traditional Italian art of the espresso in Montreal. With his experience and knowledge, he will enable you to transform the experience of preparing and serving coffee into an art form.